Death METAL Troopers

STAR WARS: Rogue Wha?

Avengers of Oz: Age of Tin Man

Jurassic World Parody

Star Wars Parody

VFX Shots

Some of the work I did on a recent project,.



This little freak is half octopus and half wasp. Sculpted and painted in ZBrush. Rendered in Maya with Vray.


Mechanical Creep -2012

Mechanical Creep is a short film I was in charge of creating for a school project at JMC Academy. The goal was to integrate CGI with live action footage as seamlessly as possible and to have an entertaining story. Mechanical Creep was a team effort and would not of been possible with out my class mates Matthew Parsons’ and Rebecca Knight’s fantastic contributions.

Zombie & Bird turntable -2012

Turntable of a few models from 2012. I put this video together really fast and dirty for a school art gallery night. Zombie wire frame is missing :\ 

Lava simulation -2013

Just playing around with realflow.

Good Shot - 2010

Good shot is a short I helped out with. I'm was responsible for the robot rigging, texturing, animation and rendering. This was my first "gig" and I remember not sleeping for days trying my best to do a good job as I was working with some people well established in the industry so I needed to impress.

Terminator -2009

A blast from the past. This was my first real try at modeling and being self taught it took waaay too long plus the topology is terrible. But at the time I was so proud "Check out what I made!". First attempt at rigging also, well most the geo is parented to a Max biped but the working pistons had to be rigged. I find this video funny now but I think it's cool to look back and see my process to where I am now.

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