Thursday, 29 October 2015

Substance Painter to Vray Tutorial

More than a few people have been asking me how to export and use texture maps from Substance Painter in Vray, so here is a quick tutorial.

Step 1
Before we start texturing, we need add in additional maps Vray uses. Glossiness, ior and Reflection. I'd recommend doing this before applying any materials as I have noticed that sometimes the additional maps can export as blank. If you already have a custom material then save it and reapply after setting up the additional map slots.

Step 2
Apply your materials as you normally would. I purposely used two materials that will have different Glossiness, ior and Reflection values so we can clearly see some variation in the maps. A pure black or white map could be a result of the material having the same overall value OR step one wasn't setup correctly (blank maps)

Step 3
Export the textures maps using the Vray preset.

Step 4
In vray we just need to plug in the corresponding texture maps. Although I'm using Maya the standard Vray material attributes are the same in other programs like 3ds Max etc.

Here is the final result with zero tweaks. Just plug in the texture maps and render. Done!
I hope this helps anyone having issues using Substance Painter maps in Vray. If you have any questions then please ask :)