Sunday, 23 August 2015

Substance Painter 1.5.0 to Vray

 I've been testing out the new Vray export option in Substance Painter and it's pretty awesome. Automatically converts maps into maps that Vray understands like glossiness and IOR. These comparisons have had ZERO tweaks after export and ZERO shader tweaks in Vray. These show the results of just plugging in the maps and hitting render. Very impressed! I love Substance Painter but being a Vray user it was painful to say the least to manually try to adjust maps like metallic etc to something that works in Vray how it looked in Substance Painter. Great work team Substance Painter!

The red car paint does look different, but that may have been due to human error on my part. For the most part being able to just plug in the maps and render is fantastic. AAA+++

To achieve the rich red reflection in the car paint material in Vray I had to bump up the red values in the reflection color map as the map was more of a pink than red resulting in a faint red reflection rather than the rich red one seen in SP. The difference in saturation reminds me of the difference between linear and srgb colour space but the map is set to srgb.